Tuesday, March 26, 2013


A person named Larisa writes
Claiming to be from Russian Federation!
No place or city and an address
But reminding me of ‘Lara’
The romantic lover of Dr Zhivago,
Looking for “a serious relationship”
With a “good man” from Australia!

I wonder how s/he thought that I’m a good man after all!
Who cannot have any further “serious relationship?”
As I’m being owned,
And registered with a family!
And there is of course a woman involved
For over thirty years!

I’m still trying to develop that “serious relationship”
With my "family"
With failed poetry, prose with flawed metaphors…!

My love poems are yet to bloom
Perhaps they may blossom in spring
But the autumn has already arrived
And the leaves of my life are falling,
Flowing all over
Fading away.

This person wanted me to write and reply today!
And promised that s/he will write more.
What more a person who has no address could tell me
About serious relationships
Even when SHE is not responding
To my failed love poems
And flawed metaphors!

If this person wrote informing me that
S/he would send a correct version of Pasternak’s
Definition of Poetry
I would have replied
Stating my plight
And current position:

That I am an old Frogie
Waiting for my Princess to kiss me
To find my human form!

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