Monday, March 28, 2011


The wind outside is a concrete slab.
Even the distant Mute Sea is angry
frowning at us like a lamp post in the street.

We kept our doors and windows open
waiting for a drop of wind from the ocean
who has ignored us tonight.

two old brown Aussies
with diasporic bonds with mother country
searched links on cricket pages
as Australian television is blind tonight,

to observe the Match
between Sri Lanka and England.

No coverage on Sri Lanka’s quarter finals
with our Queen’s Team.

The morning has arrived,
and there is no sign of wind
as the world outside is still mute,

No sounds of victory from Colombo.

Even our national weekly,
The Australian,
carried only an online report
with a blurred image of Dilshan
for thirty-two seconds.

In Australia,
we are not interested in Third World news
even if the mother country is involved!

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