Sunday, April 17, 2011

Another New year in Perth - 2011

When parrots fly in the morning chirping
The flowers in the garden gaze at them.
The images of Erbadu flowers are not carved in my mind now,
only the smiling Bankasia flowers around.

Darkness has blossomed in the sky
This morning, sun is not around even as a medicine
Where is the New Year in a distant land
Where koho songs are absent?
Where did the sun go hiding this morning?

When the songs of koho birds have faded
Only the sounds of kookaburras in this weary morning?
Where to find erabdu flowers in this repulsive morning?
Only the eternal suffering is carved in the sky?

Will the sun come back erasing the murky sky?
Will the aromas of New Year float from the Mute Sea?
Will the songs of koho birds float around?
Will the happiness emerge as we have no New Year?

(14 April 2011)

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