Thursday, April 8, 2010


When sun invades my home in the morning
In an alien country and runs away with my
Sleeping drunkenness
I search for a dying word.

Amongst the helpless lamenting
Sinhala poetry books in my room
I look for a poem
And summon up a friendly image.

When I was running searching for words
Amongst the bunch of phrases
I recall your advice
Like letters in a stone inscription.

When the whole world has forgotten
Your poetry today
A poem of yours appearing
In the front page of Silumina Poetry Corner.

When my dying Sinhala stanzas
Lament in a distant country
Your memory appears providing me with
Fresh metaphors.

(This poem was penned having read a poem by departed friend, Dayasena Gunasinghe, appearing in KAVITHA LATHA, the poetry page of SILUMINA on 4 April 2010)

1 comment:

  1. Its 14 years now . But he will be eternal in his versus
    Thank you for remembering him.
    Sonali Gunasinghe