Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My dreams Down Under

In my dreams you enter the autumn rain
That gripes with age.
On the way side ageing Lilac,
Strange flowers with faded colours
Of the mute Indian Ocean we crossed.

The wind murmurs as I sigh
And the rain drops are heavy
As the tears we shed.

I am still convalescing
After the journey.
Our sorrows will settle
In a labyrinth
Of loneliness.

Through out the night
Dead memories travel
Through old windows.
Suddenly I realised
I am far away:
Down Under!

The dead memories thickens
And mixes with darkness
In this room
Like kalu dodol

I am frozen in present
Unable to melt into the future.

(May 2005, Western Australia)

1 comment:

  1. to me this is the most compact form of poetry that can be expressed the totality of being alone into two lines as follows

    "I am frozen in present
    Unable to melt into the future."

    rest of the lines are orbiting around the central theme which is extravagant poet's mindness and mindful words.

    for me the dreams are the only clue of our subconcious state of mind and it feeds with the lifelong experience since the birth. once a human is changing his birth land will bring him a nostalgic dreams due to this sublime state of our word dependent thinking patterns. of course we will never experience any dream if we never known to any symbolic register. i mean the language is only a minor part of that register hence you always experience the dreams however some people easily forgetting but majority is having enough memory to recall them.

    nostalgic dreams are the core subject of these majority of poems.